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Enviromental and Cultural Based Indigenous Community Radio: Radio Ruyuk FM, West Java

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By: Emilia Bassar, Irwan Abdullah, Hermin Indah Wahyuni

Ruyuk FM Radio is a radio community focusing on reforestation and local culture program. A comprehensive study of this radio is interesting because of the uniqueness in the process of its establishment, programs, involvement of women, and accomplishments. The study of Ruyuk FM Radio uses the concept of community radio, among others, by Fraser and Estrada (2001) and Jankowski and Prehn (2002). This study is a descriptive case study using qualitative research method and was implemented in January 2011-June 2012. Ruyuk FM Radio was established in 2007 in the Village of Mandalamekar, Tasikmalaya, West Java, by a group of non government organization’s activists Mitra Alam Munggaran (MAM). The presence of Ruyuk FM Radio encouraged community groups, including women's groups, to produce and share a variety of information on nature conservation, local culture, and society. The main program of Ruyuk FM Radio of promoting forest conservation has restored unity of Mandalamekar villagers in handling and managing water resources in the forest. Efforts by villagers to conserve forest and manage water sources, has officially been recognized and awarded at District, Provincial and International levels. Effort to preserve local culture was implemented through arts, culture and language programs.

Key words: community radio, forest conservation, Sundanese culture, women participation

*Tulisan ini dimuat di Proceeding The 4th International Graduate Students Conference on Indonesia, Theme “Indigenous Communities and The Projects of Modernity”, 2012, Yogyakarta: The Graduate School UGM.

Download: icon Enviromental & Cultural Based Indigenous Community Radio-Radio Ruyuk FM-Emilia Bassar et all (1.14 MB)

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