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Social Environmental Awareness

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Muhammad Lauda-Pelajar Kelas X SMA Bina Insani Bogor

By: Muhammad Lauda

Assalamuíalaikum warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Good morning to you all, my name is Muhammad Lauda from Bina Insani Senior High School.

Ladies and gentlemen,

All problems in Indonesia are big problems, because each one of them involves hundred thousand and even millions of people. But environmental problems affect the world. That means everyone everywhere. Thatís why these issues are critical.

I have a lot of question to ask you, but Iíd like you to think for a moment: can you do your routine jogging on the main street? Why not? Because the chance of being suffocated is bigger the chance of becoming healthy. Can you swim in the river in our city or drink the water directly from it? Why not? Because youíre more likely to poisoned to death. Can you predict the rain season using old calculation? Why not? Because the weather pattern has changed do much than the old times. Those signs show us that environmental issues have changed so many things around us, but some people didnít even mind it. That is what we are going to change.

So, what is our major environmental problems? Of course youíre all familiar with:

  • Global warming.
  • Climate change.
  • And the most disturbing issue, pollution.
  • Plus some specific issue in each area, because even though there are some global issue, each environment has its own character and problems.

What do we know about these problems?

  • Global warming is the rise in temperature of earth atmosphere.
  • Climate change is significant change in weather period and pattern.
  • Pollution is everything that is contaminating environment and causes function change.
  • Specific problems in each area can be caused by external factor like soil pollution from mining in Kalimantan which is done by some company outside Kalimantan. Although it often caused by the lifestyle of the people. Like air pollution in Jakarta, where a lot of people use private vehicles instead of public transportation.

Well National Council of Climate Change and Ministry of Environment did a survey in 2011 and 2012 resulted that 50% of Indonesiaís population have high level of knowledge about climate change, 73% have observed it from their residence, but only 37% that really cares about this issue. Most respondent believes that the responsibility to solve the environmental issues belongs to their government. That means most of you understand our environmental issue, but only few that care and try to solve it.

Our question is, why should I care about these issues? The lack of attention and awareness in environmental issues mainly because people donít feel connected with these issues. We need reasons. Reasons that make us want to do some action to solve the problems.

When we talk about saving environment, we talk about the future. What kind of future would you like? We used to think our future would be like this one (see the pictures). But after environmental issues came, weíve become more pessimistic and started to think our future would be like this one (see the pictures). Thatís one reason why you should care. Here are another important reason why you should care: I hope those reasons are enough to make you aware and realize we need to act now, before these issues got bigger.

Okay, this is the main topic. Increasing social environmental awareness means communicating all information that we have. After we understand the problems and the reasons why we should care, the hard part is delivering this information to the society. We often face a challenge in communicating the information to the society in order to make them understand as well as we do. These are challenges that have to be solved, the question that have to be answered before delivering the information about our environment.

First, we determine the target and the area where the target lives. Whether they are student, teachers, housewives, or even fishermen and farmer. Because every circle of society has its own absorbtive capacity, the ability to absorb information. We canít tell elementary school students about annual weather pattern can we? And you have to know where the targetís residence because as I said before, each environment may have its own problems.

Next one is what kind of information will be told. We have to know what is the most needed information for each part of society. We should bring up the major environmental issue in the area in a way that is suitable for each group. Donít make it to complicated for one group or to easy for one group. Adults wont listen to information that is meant for elementary school students, and office workers wont understand the information that is meant for farmer.

Mass media is a really popular source of environmental information. Such as internet and television. In fact, the most popular information sources among students are internet and television. But what about the other group of society? A study has found that the most effective way to spread information about environment, etc to fishermen is by short text message. Because they often go fishing for months. They donít have the time to watch television, moreover read articles on the internet.

And the last thing, what effect is expected from all of these efforts weíve done. We can expect housewives to reduce water use, or to separate plastic from kitchen waste, but we canít expect them to recycle all of their domestic waste to valuable and eco friendly stuff. Thatís way too high expectation.

Finally, I just want to share some tips and simple ways to save our environment. The key is to reduce your waste. From simple things, come a great thing. Bring your own plastic bag to grocery store, donít be shy, they wont kick you out.

Thank you for your attention. Wassalamuíalaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Please see my slide presentation attached.

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  1. #1 Rini
    2013-12-0207:45:18 Hi Muhammad Lauda,

    agreed with your opinion in this article, we start making small changes and take action to reduce reuse and recycle for a better world.

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